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About Me

My name is Quyen Le Nguyen aka "Trinh Solo". I am a Vietnamese American single mom of 3 beautiful children. I have 28 years of working hands on as a nail technician. I have the passion to share my knowledge and skills as a nail technician to whomever wants to know about a great industry that allows me to rise and support myself and my family. 

Mission Statement

My mission and passion is to help inspire single moms from different walks of life, to have the ambition to start their own business or career. To show all single moms to have confidence in themselves and their ability to be successful in any path they choose to focus in their life. 


To my beloved father who is the rock and glue that holds our families together and is also a beloved grandfather and husband. The logo of the dragonfly respresents my father's spirit that watches and protects me and my family. 

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Health is a priority and with COVID-19, in order to protect our employees and our customers from any additional risk, we will not be accepting returns of any merchandise until further notice. Once a product has left the store, we cannot accept it back and give a refund.

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International shipping - items may be subject to customs processing depending on the item's custom value.

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